DEVELOPMENT RESOURCE CENTRE (DRC) is the only development resource organization, which has been rendering services to the CBOs, VOs, NGOs, CSOs, NGDVOs, Social Activists, Micro Credit Organizations, Educational Institutions and individual social workers in the field of training, development orientation, survey etc. aiming at strengthening of grassroots people, Non-Govt. Development Organizations and other individuals for a greater social cause.  
  Though formally DRC took its real shape on 2nd October 2005 with collective effort of 11 members representing from medico, socio, culture, management, professional and social activists under the leadership of Mr. Yudhisthir Pradhan at- H.N. Colony, Gundicha Vihar, Sarbodaya Nagar, Dist-Puri-2, Orissa prior to this the organization was working in non-formal way with  a 5nos. of intellecta resource group since 2nd October 2002 to 2005 providing development support services to the people in need basically the social workers, activists and people’s organizations of Puri district in particular.

 GOAL : -
             The major goal of the organization is systematic & scientific development of un-organized, vulnerable and poorest of the poor.


    *    Rapport building
    *    Organization.
Training and documentation.
Lobby and advocacy.
Mass media.


The philosophy of “DEVELOPMENT RESOURCE CENTER (DRC)” is to empower its target people in a sustainable process towards a dignified quality of life through organizational capacity building and facilitate to solving their own problems to become self-reliant and to establish a free and just society.